Bosch Indego Alerts

I love the binding that zazaz-de has created for the Bosch Indego lawnmower

Is there anybody here who has created some rules with it? I was thinking of taking action (fe pushover message, cut power…) when an alert is been triggered by the machine.

In the original doc, I can’t find the correct error codes when fe the lawnmower is stuck on something.

ps this way, we only need openhab for it, and we can leave the original app from bosch behind. :innocent:
Another big pro would be that all our family member will get a warning when something happens. Today, only the person who’s logged in to the original app gets a warning.

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I know this is a very old topic, but have you found already a solution for getting alerts from your Bosch Indego lawnmower to OpenHAB?

There should be more options to get from the API (according to, but I don’t know how and if they are available to OpenHAB.