Bosch spexor Binding (Beta) [;

Hello community, hello openHAB enthusiasts,

we as the Bosch spexor team have developed a beta addon for our Bosch spexor product for integrating this within your smart home.

In short what is spexor: spexor is a smart IoT device that enables you to observe your environment by measuring this different kind of embedded sensors. It is a mobile device and can be used in Europe on your travels but also at home, in your garden shelter or wherever you want to use it. It only needs a WiFi connection or mobile network to connect. If you would like to get more details, we recommend visiting our website

With the new add-on for openHAB we would like to enable your smart home or maybe your smart mobile environment to get connected to your other systems and enable new possibilities.
Getting an indication of your air quality and visualizing this via your smart light bulbs or just getting a voice reminder if it got to a certain level could be an option. You can also enable the burglary on defined rules as you like and play sounds or do other stuff if the spexor has observed an intrusion.

It’s on you being creative without borders to enable the world of the Bosch spexor to get it integrated into your smart X.

Let us know what you have achieved with your custom setup. Maybe you help others to get also inspired too.

You are interested in it and would like to start? Just put this addon to you openHAB server (3.1.x min. Version) and install the new binding.


If it has installed the binding, just open the page http://<< your-openHAB-URL >>/spexor and the setup screen will guide you through the steps!
See the settings screen:

Installation hint:
Just store the jar file into your openHAB Installation “add-on” folder. openHAB is automatically detecting the spexor add-on. You can then check the binding settings in openHAB to do further configuration if needed.


We are targeting to contribute to the openHAB community quite soon to enable your smart X to get more out of your system and would like to enable you also to extend it by yourself.
For technical details you can have a look into our development portal at Bosch and get more details about the spexor.

If you do have questions or problems just let us know and we will try to help!

Further infos from our side:
spexor @ github

Bosch spexor Description

sourcecode @ Bosch.IO Github
Pull Request: [boschspexor] initial contribution of spexor plugin #12706
Team spexor


If you move this topic to the Marketplace Bundles category. People will be able to install the binding directly from within openHAB main ui marketplace bindings. (If you add the logo to the top of this topic that will also show up nicely as the logo image in the openHAB ui)


@hilbrand as it is now in the marketplace category should it now show up on the marketplace on my openHAB instance? (because I cannot find it :slight_smile: )

You need to add the tag published. (I noticed this information is not easy to find, so I’m looking at where this can be added).

Another suggestion. GitHub has the option to make releases. With these releases you can add jar files (or any other binary file). I would say this is preferred to use instead of adding the jar to the repository itself. Then you can also use the repository itself more useful for any source code itself.

Wow this is strikingly similar to some key concepts I’ve been discussing @MarcFischer , to make use of the bme688 air sensor. I bet you’re using one in there :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d definitely like to participate. Feel free to reach out in Microsoft Teams (yes i also work there :slight_smile: )

Hint: please make a black version….


I found out @MarcFischer & @hilbrand that it can be already installed directly from the UI if you enable unreleased marketplace bindings.

(Sorry for the german screenshots)