Bought a house with vivint takeover window, door bell, etc

Hi guys long time reader first post. I am new to smart home tech but learning. I just bought a home with vivint equipment installed and panel. I don’t know what I have maybe someone here can tell me? I’ve called vivint they won’t help and won’t even give me the pin code for the panel unless I sign up. So I am locked out there. I have my Raspberrypi set up and hoping to take over this equipment. Thanks in advance for the help

That really sounds like something to avoid.


It looks like you may be able to repurpose some of the vivint devices, but not others.

There is a repository on GitHub that helps with a lot of this problem.

It is titled:

DACSS = Duplicate A Commercial Security System

Probably too late for the original requester, but I’ve been hacking around with the old Vivint system my house has. Trying to reuse the equipment before buying anything new.

The Vivint panel is basically useless, it’s a closed unit.
Other devices like cameras, door sensors etc. may possibly be useable.

So far I’ve managed to take control of the Vivint Camera’s.
They look to be the same cameras as the requestor.
I didn’t need to do anything with the Vivint Panel to use these.

What I did was:

Pushed a paperclip into the reset hole on the cameras.
Hit WSP on the Camera, and WSP on my router.
The Camera then would connect to my Wi-Fi network directly, rather than to the Vivint Panel.

The Camera was then flashing yellow, or solid yellow. I think this indicates connected to the wi-fi but nothing picking up the Camera feed on the network.
I could then see the Camera on the Wi-Fi network. It’s best to set a fixed IP for the Cameras so the IP addresses don’t change.

I am using the software blue iris rather than openhab, but assuming openhab can pickup an RTSP video stream. You can access the Camera as follows:

rtsp://{Camera IP Address}:554/live.sdp

Username: root
Password: adcvideo

I know this is a year old but came across your post and wondered which cameras you were able to do this with and whether you’ve been able to reuse their DVR or any other equipment so far? Do you know which company makes the equipment for Vivint? Thanks!