BountySource: seems broken; alternatives or do we still have paid development for OH somewhere

I tried to sign up with BountySource and it does neither accept an email nor fb login.

I tried using the exec binding with a Python virtual environment; what a pain that is…

However, on the bright side, there is a binding for what I want to do, except the binding can only read and not write.

I am happy to pay some dollars for someone willing to add that functionality to the binding.

I am talking about the Zappi binding: [myenergi] MyEnergi Binding


I mailed them last time at when their whole website was down and badges were broken. It got promptly fixed. :slight_smile:

I’m still able to login too.

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Thanks. I had contacted them via their online form; no response either.
Just emailed them. Will report back when I hear from them.

Regardless of the situation in BountySource, make sure to file a feature request issue on the openhab-addons repo. That’s going to be required no matter what I think.

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This is not an official openHAB add-on, it only exists on the Marketplace.
So the first request would be to add a binding for it. :wink:

Hi Max

I’m currently in the process of getting the binding up to the latest OH version and ready for a PR. I’ve also implemented the write parts, so that certain settings can be updated.
Let me know what you need and I’ll try to add this into the next version. I’m hoping to get it out within the next 3 weeks (after Easter holidays).



Wow, an answer from the man himself :slight_smile: Thank you.
This is great news.

I don’t need anything special other than the ‘write parts’ to set the charging mode.
I only discovered that the six CT readings are numbered the wrong way around; as in from 6 to 1 instead of 1 to 6. See [myenergi] MyEnergi Binding - #9 by Max_G

Happy to test if required.

And am also happy to part with the money I had in mind as a bounty or buy coffee or whatever makes you happy (or is useful / appropriate).

Thank you all for chipping in some ideas how it all works, as I didn’t know that either. :+1:

And a reply from BountySource just popped in:

Hi Max,

Thank you for reaching out!
You can create an account in the meantime with Github!

Best regards, 
Team Support
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