Box for raspberrypi + z-wave stick

Dear Community,

Regarding raspberrypi + z-wave stick place:

  • I am thinking to have metallic box to include the raspberry pi + z-wave stick, box with wholes and the glass door (same as the internet modem box).
  • And on box side, set of classic switches (which can be turned to choose the action on/off), these to enable/disable automation of light,AC,…
    as there is no wifi (so I can not rely on user interface to enable/disable some function)

So, from your experience may I ask:

  • Will the z-wave signal have issue because the z-wave stick will be inside metallic box with glass door ?
  • What about the ventilation, do you think there will be problem ?
  • Also, for manual switches, can I/O pins of raspberrypi be included with openHab ?

Could you please advice me ?

Yes, metallic objects can reduce the range of the radio transmission. I would not recommend that. It depends however on you local circumstances (large house or small flat). I noticed in my new house that the thick concrete floors were a problem for the Z-Wave transmission. So I am using now 3 Z-Wave-Sticks (one situated on every floor) which communicate with the OH-Server via USB over IP.

As I am using a Windows machine for OH I cannot give any advice for your other questions.

I second the advice about the metallic box. It will create a faraday cage. Look it up.
Radio wave CANNOT go though metal.

Yes, with the GPIO binding

Do you think plastic box can be ok ?

Also what is the alternative of using z-wave usb stick (because if usb removed the system will be down, especially if you have kids)?

Plastic box will be fine
You can use the Razberry HAT (A zwave HAT for the pi)

Can you tell me what device you are using for usb over ip ?
And is it better than repeater ?

What is the recommended brand with suitable price. And does it fit with raspberrypi case ?

For the case or the HAT?

For the HAT see:

The price will depend on your country. Have a google.

For the case, search for a case for pi with HAT.

Thanks. What about the range using razberry compared to range using usb stick (uzb or aeon)?