Brainblock concerning Sitemap creation

Hi everybody,

New to openHAB and new to Raspberry Pi.

I got most of the installation and configuration done, things and bindings are there so I could almost be happy.
But I seriously do not understand one thing: I have created a Sitemap using Homebuilder. It has generated a nice piece of code that is looking good, but what do I have to do with it now? Since I am working with the homebuilder i don’t see how I could paste that piece of code onto a text file that is only accessible with the console. Maybe that is the windows user in me but I need some hint as to what I could do now …
Thanks a million in advance

  • Platform information: Raspberry Pi4

There is no such thing as a text file that is only accessible with the console. There are only text files. So open Notepad or what ever text editor of your choice is, copy the generated sitemap code into that text editor, then “Save as” the file to the conf/sitemaps folder with the same name as the second word in the sitemap file. For example, given

sitemap wh label="Wuthering Heights" {

as the first line of the sitemap, the filename must be wh.sitemap.

Thanks alot for the heads-up.

But: that only works when i am sitting right in front of the Raspy, no chance to do that in the browser, am i right?

Most people run their Pi headless, and remotely connect to it from laptop etc. to configure.

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I am using the Software “Putty” to connect via ssh from a windows PC to my raspi.

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