Branch structure and switching to snapshots

Hi! I’ve encountered an issue with a binding. From what I can see, it was fixed here. This path was merged into main on Aug 6th. However, it was not merged into 4.0.x branch and release 4.0.2 from Aug 16th does not include this patch. Does this mean I have to wait for 4.1.0 to see this fixed?
I tried updating OpenHab to snapshot, but just changing branch in openhabian-config and updating doesn’t seem to do anything and I can’t find a guide about switching to snapshot.
Also, I could try downloading .jar from snapshot, but is it a good idea to run OpenHab core v4.0.2 with a v4.0.1-Snapshot binding or should the version of OpenHab and the bindings be the same?

Have you tried to upgrade your system with option 40 in openhabian-config or only with option 01, 02, & 03?

I was able to upgrade my system with option 40 to snapshot 4.1.

You can also just try to update the binding via cosole with

bundle:update ID URL

But afaik some (maybe all?) bindings compiled for 4.1 won’t work with 4.0.2.

It seems that it isn’t backported to 4.0. You’d need to install the snapshot version in order to use it.

You could try the jar, but there have been several dependency upgrades that might cause 4.1 addons not to load on 4.0, so it’s likely not going to work.