Bridge Binding Tutorial

Is there a tutorial for how to develop a binding with a Bridge and many things? I’ve used the YahooWeather Binding Tutorial to successfully create a thing with some channels, but the architecture is more like a Bridge with many Things.

I have a fixed IP/mDNS endpoint which returns a JSON string. That string has a collection of objects which I want to be created as things with channels.

I’ve looked at the Hue and Milight bindings but I’m struggling to follow the code to see how the Bridge creates the Things and their Channels.

I have just gone through the process of doing this for the first time and it is absolutely not easy to understand how to do it.
I am not even sure that my current approach is the way to do it.

There is a VERY basic tutorial on how to do this in the eclipse smarthome documentation online.

That is about it.

I have a WIP pull request running and the newest revision has introduced bridge handling:

Since this is still a very simple example it may help you.

In this case all communication with the binding is read only though, so there is no code that handles received commands.

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Anyone know of any progress on this?

I’d like to see a tutorial/skeleton of a bridge binding stripped down to the essentials yet still functional in OpenHab. Something that makes child things available and provides for dynamic ones that could come & go as the end user alters the underlying hardware.

As it is now, developers interested in this are directed to review existing bridge designs and filtering out the requisite OpenHab hooks from device-specific implementation details just clouds things.