Bridge cannot connect to API


since yesterday morning my Innogy SHC 2.0 can no longer connect. Neither a restart of the controller (it works fine otherwise) nor of Openhab 2.5.10 solved the problem.

The openhab.log says:
“grant type authorization_code to URL succes”

and the event.log:
“Thing ‘innogysmarthome:bridge:f361c00b’ has been updated.”

Does anyone else have this problem?

Forgot to mention that the log entries were created after entering the authkey.

I put in a backup, but the behaviour is the same. No connection can be made between the binding and Innogy or Livisy.
Is it possible that a change has been made to the Innogy API?
It would be great if someone could describe his current situation …

Problem solved. SHC and Openhab were connected to different switches (but ofcourse in the same net). I don’t understand, but reconnecting both to the same switch everything is fine again