Bringing amazon echos online again after internet dropout

Got some amazon echos, which regularly won’t reconnect after a internet dropout. If I ask them anything, alexa answers: “I can’t understand you, currently there’s no internet…”
unfortunately my internet provider suffers some problems and sometimes the internet drops out for like a minute sometimes for half an hour.

Is there any way to force reconnection on the echos? The won’t come back online - unless I manually unplug them from power and put them back on.

I have a similar problem with a different device. I have the device plugged into a smart plug which is controlled by OH.

I have OH monitoring my internet speed, and a rule that runs if speed = 0.

The rule sends the plug the OFF command, it waits 1 minute and rechecks the internet speed, if it’s still zero it resets the 1 minute timer, if it > 0 then it waits 1 minute, (gives the internet time to settle), and then send the ON command to the plug.

Not perfectly graceful but it works for my use case. I’m sure you could take the concept and adapt to suit you.

Hmm… putting a smartplug to every echo… I’ve got 6! :wink:

I’m hoping for a amazon-feature I forgot to activate or something.

My issue is the Amazon binding coming back online if the internet drops for over 1/2 hr. The binding recovers if it’s a few minutes but it doesn’t when it’s a long time being down.

This has been an issue since the binding was created.

Best, Jay

I switch OFF the local wifi over night ( which is somewhat close to a dropped internet connection I think), after that my echos are back on with no problem. However I use the Smarthome/J version of the binding.

I can’t confirm that. The binding comes back online eveytime - at least the “amazon account”-bridge. The echoes don’t. I’ve got some alexa-only devices (smartplugs), which also come back quickly.

In my case some (not all) won’t connect themselves again. As I said, asking those echoes something results in Alexa telling you, there’s no active internet connection - and their Things are OFFLINE, of course. Some recover directly afterwards and theirt Things are also ONLINE. Nothing to do with type or Generation of Alexas, so I was hoping I just didn’t set some configuration in the Alexa App for the echoes?