Brink Renovent HR – openHAB full integration

The integration of Brink Renovent HR with openHAB leverages OpenTherm protocol to communicate with ventilation appliance and MQTT to communicate with openHAB.
Below is my UI (first 4 items are from addtitional sensors):

You can find all details (including programs) of my project at:

Key features:
• It works as it is designed only for Brink Renovent HR integration! If you have a heating appliance based on OT as well you can use other solutions or you can extend/add heating part as well.
• It allows acess/control of all user/installer adjustable parameters (TSP parameters) if needed
• It uses MQTT (based on my tests is far more stable than base http)
• It is the cheapest way to integrate openHAB with Brink Renovent HR

This integration was also used by others with Brink Renovent Excellent, which provides two methods of integration: OpenTherm or eBUS.

I have an old but working Brink Renovent HR Large which I wanted to control from openHAB.
I have bought an OpenTherm Gateway (from nodo-shop) and connected it to Brink Renovent and to openHAB using the existing OpenTherm binding. Unfortunately, after several attempts I was not able to get a stable connection between Opentherm Gateway and my Brink :frowning:
Hence, I have decided to seek for other solutions and I have found another Opentherm adapter based on which I have elaborated and implemented a successful solution :blush:


@RafalO - that’s very impressive and amazing piece of work you’ve done here on making this integration to work!!! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing, currently I don’t have much time for that however I will look into this as it has several huge advantages from my point of view comparing to regular OTGW integration:

  1. Instant access to all TSPs and parameters without any additional overhead and delay
  2. MQTT integration which is my preferred way too :slight_smile:
  3. You can have 3-way switch working simultaneously with OT controller which is not the case now for me :frowning:
  4. You figured out the bypass position status and control, which actually quite recently I came across with my integration that bypass seemed to be open while the temperatures outside were out of the bounds, which correlates with your observation that OT affects bypass operation.

Anyway again exceptional piece of work!!! :smiley:

The only disadvantage I see is that I will need to refresh my Arduino IDE knowledge :wink:


Unfortunately I get error messages while trying to compile the sketch. What am I doing wrong?



The code you present from your screen as “Brink_HR_Bypass” with errors and thousand of lines is different than the code in my repository with 388 lines only.
Seems like you have merged libraries into the main code instead of referencing headres via #include< >?
You need to try with small pices if this your first try with arduino IDE?

Have you managed to write/load and compile any other simple sketch ?
for example can you compile:

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

Then try to some libraries.