Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?

Hi All,

I have just started the openHAB “journey”.

My first challenge is to get the RM3 working, I have it added as a thing and online. [note" I did see mention of “the original Broadlink-setup-process in the app must not be completed for this to work” but Broadlink Manager worked fine for me]

I got the remote command and put it in

SHD_ON = 2600500000012694133712131237121412371337121312131213113813121337121312131337113813121312131311141213121312371213133712371337123713371237131213371200051F0001274A12000D050000000000000000

I’m completely stumped on how to link a switch item to SHD_ON. says like this:

Switch item=SHD_Power label="SHD[]" icon="player" mappings=[SHD_ON="ON", SHD_ON="OFF"]

I’m completely stumped on how to get a switch showing up that sends the code when I toggle it.

I mean with the above switch syntax, that supposedly goes into a sitemap and the mappings connects to the, this is where I come unstuck, I’m not familiar with sitemaps yet… I’m also confused because there is no channel link:

sitemap page_e8003c7ff6 label="New Sitemap" {
    Switch item=IR_CONTROL label="SDH[]" icon="switch" mappings=[SDH_ON="ON",SDH_ON="OFF"]

How does the “sitemap” switch know to use the Broadlink RM3 channel?

For example if I create a string or switch item then I can add a link to the Broadlink RM3 channel but the sitemap switch item doesn’t allow me to link a channel?

I’m think I’m missing the glue between the sitemap and the channel, please help.


I think you are missing somewhere the link to the “Thing” as well as the reference to the file (also make sure you installed the map transformation!).
I am not using txt files to create items though anymore (only GUI), hence not 100% sure on the syntax.

Does the normal switch work (without sitemap)?
Your item is called “SHD_Power” correct?
Maybe show us more of your config.


How does the “sitemap” switch know to use the Broadlink RM3 channel?

The sitemap “knows” it by your item link, in this case SHD_Power (if this is your item)

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Thanks @chrismast!

Map transformation is installed.

I would rather use the UI :grinning:

With the RMx, say I have a working thing and a single entry (its a toggle) for on/off in, what do I create in the UI to be able to switch the system on/off via the RMx?

I keep “iterating” the config, trying something and then starting that bit again, I cant get it to switch no matter what I do.

The switch item has the channel setup but for the life of me I can’t see a way to bind the switch to the SHD_ON entry in the (the sitemap switch config seems to allow SHD_ON to be referenced using “mappings” but I can’t see that in a switch item)?

I’m probably doing something silly as I’m so new to all of this.

I got an RM4C, but the logic should be the same, below my config that you maybe can copy:

Thing and Channel:

Example - Power Switch:

The is then similar from what you posted command and IR code.


Thanks @chrismast

This is awesome, could you please put a few words around it as I’m unsure of the image order under “Example - Power Switch” say I don’t have any of the Example - Power Switch config setup, where do I start?

Like I cant figure out how you got the item "Living Room - Samsung TV - IR - Power as a Link beside the command, I cant seem to do that?

The example power switch screenshots are all of the item (sorry should have indicated it) which is linked to the thing’s command channel.

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[Update: @chrismast got it sorted in minutes, big thank you!]

Thanks for all the help, I’m still missing something.

In the switch I can’t get the item “Living Room - Samsung TV - IR - Power” as a Link beside the command.

I sent you a PM.

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just to close off here in the post as well.

Had a call with Richard and we walked through setting up the on/off as string, which works.
The switch should also work as long as ON/OFF is in the map file as well (I think that might have been the initial miss).

Glad it works now though!

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