Broadlink - Google Home compatible and more

I have a Broadlink RMpro and I’ve been exploring the openhab forums looking for info to make this device work with OH. many solutions are actually operational and even a Binding on GitHub which is currently unofficial.
Tonight, I discovered that Broadlink was compatible with Google Home and I took two minutes to configure it with my voice assistant. To do this, I found another Broadlink application that can control RMpro and many others, ihc:

At this point, I’m still at a standstill to order locally my devices on a tablet with HabPanel.
Looking a little, I find another application developed by Oleksandr Loushkin:

I installed it on a tablet and I found my RMpro in a few minutes. This application can work in MQTT or HTTP request which will be useful to order locally.
If anyone has information or idea, but to interface a Binding with this gateway would really be a big step forward for OpenHab.
In the hub documentation, the site height that it can work with OpenHab.
I hope we will advance on these products that are accessible and efficient enough.