Broadlink mini binding air conditioning

can you all help me integrated air conditioning with Broadlink mini
is possible ? as i can do this ?
i have openhab in image rasperry
thx you

Start here:

sorry for my post , but i no know as do , so ask all you if can help me . sorry :frowning:

We don’t have enough information to help you.
Read the post I linked you too and follow step by step

i no understand you .
i no can ask in forum if have need solution for solve ?
i very cry for you message
i sorry for this post

We help you starting from your configuration ideas. This is not a Help Desk that provides total solutions. It is a group of volunteer users that help those who show effort by describing their system, searching, and trying.

i understand you , I see and try with all my strength to find the solution but sometimes it is not easy for this I ask you for help .
sorry for my english , i am italy

You can search here though just like I did. Perhaps this thread can assist.

thank you very much

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