Broadlink RM mini 3 won't go into learning mode

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I have a Broadlink RM mini 3. I have used the iPhone app to configure it for my wifi network, and I have successfully used the app to learn some remote codes. That all works fine.

I was able to install the beta openhab binding from @themillhousegroup, and connected successfully to my RM3.

However, when I try using something like the python-broadlink scripts to learn codes, I’m failing. The script runs, but it never seems to see any code learned by the RM3:

./broadlink_cli --type 0x27c2 --host --mac 'c8f74254c41f' --learn
No data received... 

I also tried the Android RM Bridge app in combination with the code learning web page, but got an error saying the RM3 would not enter learning mode.

Anyone have a suggestion for me? Thanks!

Hi, maybe a bit late but the latest version of python-broadlink indeed does not seem to be able to put RM3 mini into learning mode. I use version 0.7 ( and it works fine.

I hope this helps anyone.