Broadlink RM Pro (IR and RF Transceiver) always disconnects from WLAN

I use an Broadlink RM Pro to control my roller shutters via 433MHz, using the openhab binding discussed in this thread:

This works very good, except one thing:
The Broadlink disconnects from my WLAN every 5 minutes or so. It is offline for less than a minute and then reconnects to the WLAN. It does that all the time.

I already tried to find a solution using Google, but the only hint that I found was to disable the router’s WLAN security setting called
“Unterstützung für geschützte Anmeldungen von WLAN-Geräten (PMF) aktivieren”
(sorry, I don’t know what that is in english. somthing about Protected Management Frames…).

Anyways, that Option was already disabled in my Fritzbox 7590.
So that hint did not help in my case.

Does someone have a clue, what’s going on with the broadlink? Why does it always disconnect?
Is it caused by some Option in the router? Or is it a bug in the broadlink’s firmware?

Any help appreciated!


Hello again,
I may have found a solution for the problem:

The people there found out that the disconnects were gone, when the broadlink device is allowed to access the internet.
I also had configured my router so that the broadlink was not allowed to access internet. I changed this, but disconnects were still there.

But then I powered off the broadlink and after powering on again, I don’t see the disconnects anymore!

I keep my fingers crossed that the problem is now gone! :sunglasses: