Broadlink RM Pro Support

Can the openhab team make the broadlink rm Pro compatible with openhab it controls IR And RF devi

did you search the forum for “Broadlink” ?


When I ask for something, I normally say “Please”


we don’t have the time luxury for please… please :slight_smile:


Yeah but I prefer with direct support not though MQTT plus the MQTT binding is not in the interface

Here you go then:

You know what I prefer?

another development

A black forest cake with wild cherries !


Well, if you still want to connect there are 2 ways

Way 1 add skills over the ihc app and connect with alexa, so you Can start the device using the openhab echo controller, works fine, I had just created routines on alexa which i call over openhab to manage these connection to broadlink bridge

Way2 use ifttt I have created 3 methods to turn something on or off if value is lower, higher or something is turned on of over the openhab, you can create items with rules if you want there, but as I notice ifttt is very slow so better go with step 1 if possible