BSB-LAN not connecting since OH4 update

I realized today that my BSB LAN Thing is not connecting to my device anymore. In the logs I found out, this happens since I updated to OH 4
The Thing says

Did not receive a response from BSB-LAN device. Check your configuration and if device is online.

I am using a network thing to “monitor” all my devices

network:servicedevice:BSB-LAN [ hostname="", port=80 ,refreshInterval=300000, retry=3]

This network thing’s item is ON all the time. I can access my BSB LAN via browser as well, I am sure that I did not change config, passkey…

In debug mode I did not find any helpful information.
Anyone else having these troubles on OH4?

It is still working fine here on openHAB 4.0.2.

The only problem I am seeing is, sometimes after an openHAB restart I have to disable and reenable the bridge thing to make it work again.

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