Bticino Binding stops working


the Bticino binding stops working after 24 hours. Andre Caraballi confirmd this issue also at his system.
I could provide my systems for testing.

bg Patrick

You should probably start by providing your configurations and a debug log.

Hi have set the Debug Mode oat the Bticino Binding and i will provide it, when it happens next time

enclosed is the openhab Log
The communication stopped between 08:00 -16:48

bg Patrick

openhab.xml (151.9 KB)

Not only are there are no errors from bticino in this log, there are no messages of any kind from bticino in this log.

Nor are there any DEBUG messages in this log.

Are you sure you have the logging configured correctly?


I did a lot of updates and debugging on the bticino binding.
One thing I recognised that the OWN feedback from the automation ie. stoped the binding to work.

You can find my actual binding unter following link.

There is also some enhancement for the temperature control
as well for the automation if you are interested.
If needed some explanation for the new functionality you can find in the “” file.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks, Reinhard