Bticino binding / Using PLs on 2 digits

Dear all,

I recently setup openhab2 on a Raspberry with the Bticino binding.

I’m using a few PLs with adresses above 9, how do you format these in the .items configuration file,
if this is possible at all ?

I have tried with {bticino=“if=bticino;who=1;what=0;where=110”} without success.

I did a search already but could not find a post related to this.

Thank you,


what binding are you talking about? the openwebnet-binding for bticino? if yes you have to know that this binding has expired. you can check out here for a fix:

when you need to adress pl about 9 pay attention to add a leading zero for example for a=9, pl=12 it is “0912” - but this is to be defined in things-file, not in items

best, stefan

Hi Stefan, thank you for your answer. I’m using the Bticino Binding 1.14.0.
And indeed, I have to use 4 digits when addressing PL above 9. Thanks !