[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

Hi all, thanks for the excellent job you are doing on this binding.
I have a simple question , do we have any chance to have this working with K4500 Gateway in the future ? My system is based on this and now the only way I have is to pass via Alexa.


My suggestion would be to try installing it manually and see if it works.
Unless you already tried🤷

I have installed the org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-2.5.0.jar manually according to the procedure.

log says:

19:05:42.289 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus        ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## IOException: connect timed out
19:05:42.399 [WARN ] [ebnet.handler.OpenWebNetBridgeHandler] - ==OWN==  CONNECTION ERROR: Connection error (IOException). Check network and gateway thing Configuration Parameters (connect timed out) - connect timed out

I don’t know if port 20000 is correct (I left it by default) and also the password 12345 … I’m not aware of any password on my K4500 Gateway.
I left Discovery by Activation in OFF.

Shall I conclude that K4500 is not compatible with this ?

2020-12-04 18:57:40.273 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 18:57:40.382 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 18:57:40.448 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dial:1
2020-12-04 18:57:40.487 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- AFTT (Amazon)
2020-12-04 18:57:40.522 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1
2020-12-04 18:57:40.556 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- RT-AC86U (ASUSTek)
2020-12-04 19:00:34.706 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dial:1
2020-12-04 19:00:34.734 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- AFTT (Amazon)
2020-12-04 19:02:22.455 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:22.507 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:02:22.535 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dial:1
2020-12-04 19:02:22.563 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- AFTT (Amazon)
2020-12-04 19:02:22.574 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1
2020-12-04 19:02:22.586 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- RT-AC86U (ASUSTek)
2020-12-04 19:02:22.608 [INFO ] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== ------ startScan() - SEARCHING for bridges...
2020-12-04 19:02:25.754 [INFO ] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== No serial ports found
2020-12-04 19:02:27.082 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:27.141 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:02:27.751 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:27.775 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:02:27.969 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:27.980 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:27.987 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:02:28.012 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:02:28.212 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP== --- Found device # urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1
2020-12-04 19:02:28.233 [INFO ] [al.discovery.BusGatewayUpnpDiscovery] - ==OWN:UPnP==                  |- Socket (Belkin International Inc.)
2020-12-04 19:04:28.475 [WARN ] [core.thing.internal.ThingManagerImpl] - Initializing handler for thing 'openwebnet:bus_gateway:a2935a18' takes more than 5000ms.
2020-12-04 19:04:29.271 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## IOException: connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:04:29.347 [WARN ] [bnet.handler.OpenWebNetBridgeHandler] - ==OWN==  CONNECTION ERROR: Connection error (IOException). Check network and gateway thing Configuration Parameters (connect timed out) - connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:04:36.854 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:04:46.958 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:05:01.974 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:05:26.991 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: connect timed out
2020-12-04 19:05:42.289 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## IOException: connect timed out
2020-12-04 20:49:53.231 [DEBUG] [g.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeSocketFactory] - ##gw-openwebnet-socket## Trying openMonitorSession socket....  (
2020-12-04 20:49:58.249 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: connect timed out
2020-12-04 20:49:58.259 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## Sleeping 60000ms before re-connecting...
2020-12-04 20:50:58.273 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus       ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...slept 60000ms, now trying to re-connect...

There is no Lan config to do whitch this gateway like F454 or F459 ?

Did you read the binding README? It’s written there:

NOTE The new BTicino Living Now® wireless system is not supported by this binding as it does not use the OpenWebNet protocol.

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a new milestone version of OH 3.0 is out today (3.0.0.M5) with some bugfixings for the official OpenWebNet binding that were already integrated in 3.0.0.M4 (see M4 release notes for a list).
The same bugfixes have been backported so they will be available in OH 2.5.11 too (not released yet).

Here I give you some information for the near future of the OpenWebNet binding:

  • the old unofficial (beta/testing) version of the binding, after popular demand, will be released in a final version with no expiration limit: it will probably be named 2.5.0.TESTING.
    This unofficial version will not be supported in any way in the future, will not be ported and will not work with OH3
  • the official 2.5.x version will receive backports of bugfixes, but no new features/enhancements (this is a policy that OH maintainers apply for all 2.5.x bindings)
  • for the official 3.0 version I am involving other volunteers to help develop it further

To know which features are most important for you, I invite you to respond to the following polls (will close the polls in 1 week).


POLL 1 - Which missing feature do you consider more useful for the official OpenWebNet binding (OH3) ? (max 3 selections, only Basic+ community users can answer)
    • Thermo Basic (WHO=4, current/set temp, valves, …)
    • CEN/CEN+ (WHO=15 & 25)
    • Thermo Advanced (WHO=4, mode, scenes, programs, …)
    • Dry contact / Movement sensors
    • Group events detection (Area/Group/General)
    • Alarm (WHO=5)
    • Send generic message on BUS (for OH rules)
    • Aux (WHO=9)
    • Energy Management (WHO=18)
    • Video door entry

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POLL 2 - Regarding OH and the OpenWebNet binding, what is your plan for the near future (next 6 months)? (max 2 selections, only Basic+ community users can answer)
    • will stay with OH2 and the unofficial (testing) binding
    • will move to OH3 and the official binding, but only when feature XYZ will be supported
    • will move to OH3 and the new official binding ASAP, even if not all feature are supported yet
    • I am looking to other solutions

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Sorry, I missed this or anyhow I did not correlate the point to K4500.
I lost a few hours to read and try when the answer was there …

I hope a K4500 binding will arrive in the future becasue the Alexa way is very slow and provides several drawbacks…

Integrating K4500 to OH will in any case require using Work with Legrand cloud APIs, so it will take even longer because your will have 1 step more.

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Yes, I have read several discussion about that and I trust this is the only way.
I anyhow make it difficult to understand why the Gateway BUS cannot be intercepted before to go in the cloud; at the end this is connected to an IP of the same network shared by OH.
May be this is related to the fact that Legrand is not sharing the gateway ICD and this induce the job to become very complicate.

Hey guys great work on the binding so far.
I would really like to control the f502 amplifiers.
Is there any way i can contribute?
Programming is something i do on a regular base but the whole openhab system is still a little bit unknown to me. Long story short, with some guidance, i would like to setup the sound system for this binding. I have the complete bticino myhome so i can test those things as well.

Kind regards,


Hallo Rocky and welcome to the community.
I suggest to start having a look to the OH developers documentation and start setting up the Dev environment, and test one of the bindings.

Hi, I have installed the latest official version.
The shutters on google assistant work, while on alexa they don’t.
What is my mistake?
My items

Group    Home                      "Casa"                           <house>                                      ["Building"]

Group    Abitazione               "Abitazione"                     <house>         (Home)                       ["Building"]

Group    Salone                    "Salone"                         <sofa>          (Home, Abitazione)          ["LivingRoom"]

Switch   Striscia_Led               "Stiscia Led [%s]"               <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Striscia_Led:switch"}
Switch   Led_Divano                 "Led Divano[%s]"                 <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Divano:switch"}
Switch   Led_Tavolo                 "Led Tavolo[%s]"                 <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Tavolo:switch"}
Switch   Led_Cucina                 "Led Cucina [%s]"                <light>         (Giorno,Salone, gLight)    ["Lighting"]   {channel="openwebnet:bus_on_off_switch:Mh201_00035.......:Led_Cucina:switch"}

Rollershutter Tapparella_Salone	    "Tapparella Salone [%.0f %%]"    <rollershutter> (Giorno,Salone)             ["Blinds"]    {channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:Mh201_00035......:Tapparella_Salone:shutter"}

Could you have an example?

Hi Roberto,

the first thing I would try is to change the tag from [“Blinds”] to [“PercentageController.percentage”] and control the shutter by telling alexa the percentage of closure (e.g. “Alexa set the shutters to 0%” for a full open and “Alexa set the shutters to 100%” for a full close.

thanks for your help it doesn’t work

As you can see OH 2.5.11 is out: it includes some bugfixes for the openwebnet binding related to dimmer lights mgmt and the USB Zigbee part.

I want to encourage you to respond to the 2 polls about new features for the official openwebnet binding: that’s an opportunity to express what is more important for you and should be prioritized.
I think 23 answers are not enough: there are many more users using the binding!

setup the 2.5.11 , then all of my F521 aren not initialized :
OpenWebNet BUS/SCS Energy Management Central Unit. BTicino models: F521 .
back to 2.5.10.jar all run fine

Lights ,Dimmers look ok

Energy Management is not supported by official v2.5.10-11, see: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/openwebnet/.
And it will never be: at this point new features for the official openwebnet binding are only possibile to be added in OH v3.0.x.
You can vote in the polls if you are interested, and add a new issue for this here

Thanks massi , i allready vote, again thanks for your great job , if i can help…i do , i’m not sure to have enough skill actually but ! if you need

so… i’m lucky about Energy working during 2 years now… outch :slight_smile: