BTZW125 Danalock v2 "APP_VERSION"


i have a danalock v2, i cant include it, it stops on “Node initialising APP_VERSION”

See Screenshot.
How to fix it ?

OH2 latest snapshot #938

What binding version are you using? If you are not using the test binding, then security is not included so you won’t be able to use a lock. I suspect this is the case as I don’t see any security attributes displayed in your image.

how to find out the version ?
and how to renew ?

located files:

If you haven’t installed the test version manually (as per the link I provided) then you won’t have a version that works with security.

You should look to change to the development version if you want to use security at the moment.

thankyou, i see,
will stay on snapshots until the test version will be released