Bug? Item value showing in selection label

Hi there,

for a while now I have a problem with Habdroid because it is displaying the item value within a label recardless of how I configured the label in the items file. For example this selection on my sitemap looks like this on Habdroid, notice the “[MANUAL]”:

My Item configuration looks like this:

String max_therm_wohn_mode "Modus" (MAX) {channel="max:thermostat:NEQ1207898:OEQ0011890:mode"}

and my sitemap configuration like this:

Selection item=max_therm_wohn_mode icon="kacheln" mappings=[AUTOMATIC="Automatisch", MANUAL="Manuell", BOOST="Boost"]

However the same sitemap displays in my browser correctly:


So I think this is a bug in the app? What do you think? Is there a way to fix that on my side?

Same here, is there a way ti hide the value in the label text? On small Displays this text overlapped with the selection or Button?

no body there?

I fixed it recently and my fix was merged last weekend. So the fix will be avaible in next release.