Bug? No '.items' refresh / folder watcher won't start when openHAB-conf is on a separate filesystem

I’ve just noticed, that my openHAB 2 installation which I’m currently migrating to, is not automatically refreshing on item file updates.

The openhab.log reveals, that the folder watcher can’t be activated because of the existence of a “lost+found” folder:

2017-02-26 16:03:01.849 [ERROR] [.core.internal.folder.FolderObserver] - Cannot activate folder watcher for folder '/etc/openhab2': /etc/openhab2/lost+found

The lost+found is there because of having the openHAB-conf on a dedicated filesystem mounted r/w into a read-only root filesystem.

If I delete the lost+found folder, folder watcher starts working after restarting openHAB and *.items are refreshed on update. But next time fsck re-creates the lost+found, the folder watcher will run into that error again :frowning:

@Kai: Is there a way to circumvent that behaviour or is it a bug? Should I file it?


I’ve decided to mount my filesystems differently.
Therefore, the ‘lost+found’ can not re-appear /etc/openhab2 anymore.

So it’s solved for me.