[bug] Paper UI on chrome for android is overlapping

Hi, I have a issue on the paper ui opened on chrome for android. If I switch to “Control” I see the modules that are 3-columns on the desktop in 1 column on my phone. These modules / things are overlapping. Some overlap on about 50% of their overall height. This seems to be a CSS issue. Does someone else has this problem or are you using an app for that instead of chrome?

few use mobile to access PaperUI (most use regular PC/broswer setup)
from mobile, use the app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openhab.habdroid&hl=en)
you will need to create sitemaps for that (it won’t give you access to the PaperUI)

Yes of cource - me too. Sitting on my office mac everything works but sometimes I need to check things directly in the corresponding room. Thats why I use Paper UI on the phone sometimes.

The app is nice but does not work for the things I use my phone. If the whole system is setup and configured to productive use, the app is nice. While testing, including,… paper UI is what I need.

HABPanel is far superior for working on devices. You need to understand the Columns setting on a panel, but if you create a mobile optimized layout life is good. There is also the HABPanel viewer effort.