Bugs found in Android App 2.0

This is information for the developers of the openHAB app for Android.

I found two bugs in 2.0 Android version:

  1. Sending a voice command by widget throws error. Voice command is successfully sent by remote connection (myopenhab) but app closes showing an error. When local connection to openHAB is available (LAN), app closes showing an error, and no voice command is sent to openHAB.

  2. Rollershutter item icon does not change with height state, as it has always done in previous versions (Classic UI web interface icon shows height state properly).

I reported this same information at https://community.openhab.org/t/android-and-ios-2-0-releases/37405/17 (sorry for the duplicate)

Thank you very much for this great work.

The best place to report a bug is by filing an issue on the github repo.

First, search the open issues to make sure it isn’t a duplicate.

Both bugs were already reported in GitHub a month ago.
Thank you very much!

What has the link to do with the openHAB app?


It’s obviously spam. That user has 3 posts, and all of them are about that application - that has nothing to do with OpenHAB. Maybe moderators should do something about that.

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