Build 3.4.x using Intellij question

someone here who got branch 3.4.x addons built with IntelliJ? I am running from problem to problem, and each is at least 40 mins build time … (on a M2 max 32GB) …
appreciate some technical hints thx

Can you try the following command

mvn clean install -DskipChecks -DskipTests -T 1.5C

and please describe “which” problems you are running in otherwise the question becomes too general to answer.

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Also wondering why you want to build the complete openHAB addons project? Unless you need all bindings there is no reason to do so. See the readme in repository for maven compile options.

Just for the record, Hilbrand, a few weeks ago I had an issue when only building my binding which is why built the whole project first (where Jan gave me some guidance) - then I was able to build mine. Of course, from then only I only do the one binding only.

thanks, I made a step forward yesterday evening :wink:

@hilbrand I am just learning about openHab architecture, and was curious if just a checkout + install would work - and it didn’t, what I didnt expect from a stable branch.
Initially the build broke wihtin nearly every addon.
I cleaned up the copyright notices to make the checks work and, voilà, the build was ok and all addon jars there (sweating)

And, secondly, I thought the addons.kar (with all addons) would be built in the addons project.
But it occurs to me (I haven’t made it until the distro yet :-p) it is built in the distribution project.

Then I started on my original problem, getting Cyril’s RFLINK addon (which is of version 3.0.0) running in 3.4.3. I was faster with the integration of RFLink into the standard addon-project than resolving all external dependencies of the standalone RFLink.
Eventually, RFLink is installed now on my Ubuntu and I am testing (pooh)

Maybe there will be some changes from 3.0.0-> 3.4.x which I have to consider (but did not cause I dont know them), so feel free to comment.
I pushed my changes to my fork.

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