Build errors after step 9 in "Eclipse IDE Setup"


I would like to understand what the issue might be that I reported in Binding Request : Buderus web gateway - #525 by JensA and run the KM200 Binding in debugger.

I followed Eclipse IDE | openHAB and during setup picked both the “OpenHAB Development” and “OpenHAB Addons” and let Eclipse finish all the downloading etc.

At the end it sits there with those 6 errors


Why is stuff missing from a clean install?
It’s many years ago that I dealed with Java and used Eclipse - so I’m totally out of ideas how to fix this. Any pointers welcome

Windows 10, installed Eclipse via the “with JRE” installer. Apart from that I have java.home=C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk- on the machine


openHAB3 requires jdk11, the latest L:TS release. openHAB2 requires jdk8.

The screenshot shows openHAB 2.5.12 bundles, so indeed, Java 8 is the required version.

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Is 2.5 still being developed? I have not seen snapshots for a month or more.

Latest was 2.5.12, but the SNAPSHOT version was changed to 2.5.13 AFAIK.
If critical bugs are reported, a new bugfix release can be rolled out…

From Jenkins

Yes, no nightly SNAPSHOTS for 2.5.13 actually, but can be build if needed.

I know the zwave binding for 2.5.x is broken. It is no longer getting database updates. I think there was some change in the location of the repos.

There is an issue with Bintray, as it will shutdown. We are actually looking for an alternative solution…

Ah, is this the reason for this error, which seems the root of all errors?

The container 'Maven Dependencies' references non existing library 'C:\Users\Jens\.m2\repository\de\maggu2810\p2redist\org.antlr.runtime\3.2.0.v201101311130\org.antlr.runtime-3.2.0.v201101311130.jar'

The folder is there but there is no jar file in there. Only a properties file with some source locations (?) I checked some of them but the best I could find was a 2.7.x or 3.0.x beta version on and :frowning:

Actually, there is a jar at


how can I tell to use this instead of the missing other?

found something at

Next thing were “bnd” issues that I could fix by changing the bnd.version to 5.3.0 for both openhab-addon and openhab-distro (proably due to me refusing to download JDK-8 from Oracle and sticking with AdoptOpenJDK)

Next there was the riddle to actually get the demo to run. The requirements thing was complaining about missing org.eclipse.equinox.metatype. I figured I could just remove that from the list of requirements.

After some more fiddling with that and project dependencies I’m now able to run/debug OpenHAB-2.5 with the KM200 binding!

Hopefully that was worth the effort to figure out why the binding stopped working for me.