Build one multi-room music server


I want to replace my old multi-room device and I’m looking for the solution that best fits with openhab.
I have speakers mounted in the walls and want to reuse this installation.

My wishlist is:

  • allow stream online radios;
  • play music from configured playlists;
  • easy to maintain (radios urls / playlists);
  • independently control the volume in each room
  • allow Openhab feedbacks with TTS

Someone can point me to the right direction?

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I’ve got Onkyo receiver, (TX-NR656) I also bought it specifically for multiroom,
I think pretty much all of these requirements are met.
2 details to pay attention to wrt multiroom: I think you can only play 1 digital option at the time. 2) if the rooms are besides each other, you need to select ’ direct’ mode to ensure sound is 100% in sync with each other. If you select any listening mode which needs processing, it generates minor delays between the speakers.

easy to maintain (radios urls / playlists);
Maybe this is bit of a challenge. I don’t maintain playlists. However, it is possible to push a url via openhab, so with rules it is possible. there are quite some music services available, so normally you would not need to bother with urls, rather select the station from one of the services, (e.g. tunein is free to use and has lots of channels)

I keep meaning to look into Squeezebox. I was planning on holding out until I move house, but I just want to have a play now!

personally I have found no replacement for squeezebox yet that fits my demands (local and streaming sources, multi-room or any subset of rooms) and budget. outdated in its platform and UI, I know, but from my point of view unsurpassed in what I get for the money (running 6 squeezeboxes and a server). Happy to hear of any alternatives there might be out there