Build openhab in eclipse takes long time

I set up the IDE for developing in OpenHAB.
Problem is, that always when i want to start eclipse. The build process takes 10 - 15 Minutes.
When I installed eclipse, I selected all github repos from openHAB ( inclusive OpenHAB 1 addons , …)
Somebody has an idea to speed up the process?
Which repos are necessary to get OpenHAB run?
I want to work on the RestAPI in eclipse/smarthome.

Kick out Tycho :wink:
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As written in step 4 in the docs, all you need is “openHAB Development”.
This will set up the IDE with an almost empty workspace (i.e. there is NOTHING to compile or build) and you can run the launch config to start up the whole openHAB instance.
So if you are working e.g. on a binding development, you can then simply import your own binding project and you are ready to go - your project will nicely compile and you can debug it from within the IDE.

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