Building a thermostat

Hi I am building a thermostat out of an arduino. I was wondering if someone would be able to help me pick out a solid state relay for this so I dont burn my house down. Also What do I need to look at when making sure I am getting one that can handle the amps and make sure no arching happens?

Is it also smart to power the arduino from the AC and if I were to do this what would be the safest way to do this?

You will be better off posting on the Arduino or StackExchange forums.
There is not enough information in your post to come up with the ‘right’ solution for your problem; you would have to state, what type of load you want to switch; the Arduino only likes DC :slight_smile: – so lots for you to think about before posting in the forums mentioned, in order to get a qualifying answer. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll do that. Yeah I know it only takes dc I guess I should of added
more info. I was talking about using a power converter along with the
relay. But don’t know enough about all this. Thanks again gonna go check
out the Arduino forums.