Building my own App for a binding

I want to build my own android app for a binding I.m developing. Please I want to find out how I can achieve this.

You could create a fork of the existing openHAB Android app and use it as a model of what you want to achieve.

I don’t think it’s necessarily the right way to think of the goal, though: “build my own app for a binding,” because bindings are lower in the stack and it’s better to build a custom UI for openHAB that knows how to present UI widgets for the kind of hardware underneath.

@igor has been building a new Android app with rich UI, and it’s possible you could write your own widgets for that app, instead of having to roll your own app from scratch.

I just want to customize the app with only my binding working with the app and not the other bindings that come with openhab and please is modifying an already existing binding to suit your purpose and changing the name allowed.

I recommend reading and complying with the license terms that appear in the binding source code, which may in fact allow you to do as you asked. I don’t see the value in restricting the client to only work with information from a single binding – if you only install your one binding, then you’ve achieved the goal. If what you are asking is if you can create a private-label, proprietary solution based on openHAB, I would again suggest you read and understand all of the licensing terms associated with the starting point from which you intend to derive new results. It would be unwise for me to attempt to summarize what the licensing terms say, as you can just as easily read the real terms to which you would be bound.

Oh not at all, just changing parts of code (the handler) in an existing binding, modifying the things xml file and adding a discovery service and let say changing the name org.openhab.binding.A to org.openhab.binding.B

Like @watou implies your question doesn’t seem to make sense.

You can run an openHAB installation with only your binding installed if that’s what you want to do but from your other posts I’m not sure that is what you are trying to achieve.

Could you explain a bit further as to what you’re trying to do and why and we may be able to help?

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I get the first part of installing only one binding, that I understand solves my problem.
The second part is if you are allowed to make take codes from an existing binding makes changes and add features to it to meet your requirements. In doing that you change the name of the binding to your own name for it. My question is , is it lawful and allowed.

And my answer is, please read the licensing terms that accompany the code you wish to change. Or, possibly hire an attorney to explain the terms to you, compared to the specific intentions you have. It is unwise to rely on a layman’s interpretation of a legal agreement, especially when many specific questions about your plans are currently unasked and unanswered.

Thank you