Building on Linux vs Windows

I have a beefy windoze 10 laptop. I have never been able to successfully complete a maven build on it. Both on the latest branch and the 3.2 tag.

I just got an equally beefy Linux(Ubuntu) laptop to go with it and and all of the OH3 core and Add On maven builds completed successfully on my first try. Any devs/maintainers have any thoughts?

Any dev/maintainer thoughts on Java 17/18 support?

I don‘t have a windows machine anymore, but I remember that there is an issue with the line endings and you have to do some special Git configuration.

Regarding Java 17: see Add support for running openHAB with Java 17 · Issue #1316 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub

If you don‘t use Blockly or JavaScript Transformation Profiles, you should be fine with the latest build.

Line endings make sense.