Building OpenHAB 2 Bindings

Hi All,

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long while :wink: But I stumbled across this beta version of a HomeMatic binding for OpenHAB 2:

Now, be honest, I’ve had never tried to build openhab myself, relying either on CloudBees snapshots or official releases.

Anyway, I got that fork of openhab and a bunch of the addons built using the mvn clean package command style described at the bottom of the readme.

However, the HomeMatic binding doesnt seem to be getting built. Can I build just it somehow? Or do I have to modify some rules or something so that it does get built? Or, (and while I do want to learn and figure this out) does anyone have a copy of it built that runs :wink: )


Hey @Matthew_Herren ,

do you get an error while building or does it seem that maven somehow doesnt know that the binding exists at all? In the later case: Have you checked the pom.xml file in the binding-directory?

There should be a list of all modules (bindings) which should be build by maven. Maybe homematic is missing there!

I moved this topic to the openHAB 2 category.
It is possible that the binding is not included in the Maven build of this fork.
While in development, it is more advisable to run it within the IDE anyhow.

You find some general information on openHAB 2 at
But for questions about this specific binding under development, your best chances to get an answer are at


Yes, I suppose it does belong in OpenHAB 2, although it also a binding :wink:

OK, I have now managed to build it. I had to add it to the pom.xml in the binding directory as per Jonas, but still it wasn’t automatically included in the zip add ons package, I had to navigate around to find it.

Nonetheless, it seems to work, well, sort of. I’m now getting all sorts of errors like these:

(apologies, this may be long, and also apologies in advance, I will cross post this here, on Github and on the Google Groups list… Just until this one gains traction…)

For some reason, this new forum software complains that I’m mentioning more than two users when I include the log snippet, and then won’t let me upload because it isn’t an image. So i’ve made it an image :wink:

Actually, never mind, it won’t let me do that either… Argh. Section log file is here:

Does this make sense to anyone?


Looks like you are running on iOS?
The error message indicates that a native library is missing. Using such libs (like .dll files for Windows or dylib for iOS) is kind of tricky with OSGi. It seems like the author of the binding uses a different OS and therefore included different native files.

I am not familar with the homematic binding itself but i suggest to have a look at the lib-folder, add the missing native libraries which work for your OS (dont know which Library is used by homematic) and alter the manifest-file accordingly. Normally you should be able to find the missing native files with a little googleing.


Thanks, actually, OS X :wink:

But Gerhard (the author of the binding) responded, and actually that one that I built was known not to work… A working one should be out in preview shortly…