Building/running org.openhab.binding.tplinksmarthome-3.0.0

Hey guys, I’m trying to add support for the TP-Link Kasa KL430 strip light. I was going to mimic what Hilbrand did on commit 436bfe8, but I thought I should probably make sure I can build the unmodified code first.

I setup VSCode, maven & JDK (used openJDK 11) per: and

I cloned the addons from

The jar seems to have built without any issues, however, when I manually add it to my server, I get:

Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.openhab.core.cache

I know dependencies don’t automatically get installed when you add a .jar file addon, but I have no idea how to get this one installed. My head hurts from all the googling, if anyone can educate me on this I would greatly appreciate it.

I switched to the 2.5.x branch of the repo, rebuilt, and its working now.

OpenHAB 2 and 3 Bindungs are not compatible. The configuration of openhab2 bindings will be supported nix openhab3 but not the binding binary itself.

Well mimicking what @hilbrand did on commit 436bfe8 didn’t work, the Bulb model doesn’t really work for the KL430. I created issue #8709 and documented the communications between the Kasa Android app and the KL430. I’m still working on it occasionally, but I’m too new to this code to do it quickly.

I suppose I should have known by the “-3.0.0” part of the name, but it honestly wasn’t immediately clear that I was building the addon for v3 of openHAB. I was thinking that was just the version of the bundle.