Busch-Jaeger Free@Home

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Busch-Jaeger free@home system and the implementation into OpenHAB?

From what I have seen, there is almost no support for it and since I have NO idea on how to implement it into OpenHAB, I was wondering if anyone could maybe implement it for me or help me with the implementation.

I would be glad to help as much as possible, but I, unfortunately, can’t write the binding myself since I don’t know how to. :slight_smile:

I found the following threads where some user found out, that it runs on an XMPP-Server which is maybe a starting point.

Thread 1

Thread 2

Raw XMPP dump

Busch-Jaeger promised some APIs a while ago, but they haven’t delivered anything yet, so I’m sceptical.

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I managed to connect my blinds with the node.js project from Stefan Stadlberger (https://github.com/sstadlberger/home).

  • offers a WebSocket as well as a REST interface
  • converts these requests into xmpp messages
  • redirects them via xmpp to a free@home server

How to retrieve your xmpp usernames is described in issue 4 (https://github.com/sstadlberger/home/issues/4).

Running the code permanently using pm2 or forever is very convenient.

That sounds promising, thanks for the info! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you call the API from the OpenHAB Dashboard?

You can use the HTTP Binding.

I don’t have saved the code, as I switched to HASS. Here are some sample links for blinds/shutters in Stadlberger’s “home” project (replace with your actuator IDs and base URL):

"up_url": "",
"down_url": "",
"stop_url": ""

There is a newer REST API you may look up.

Note: you have to rewrite these urls according to the HTTP binding scheme:


Edit: postcontent is not necessary here.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much, I almost gave up with free@home!

Do you have any pointers with HASS as well? Because I haven’t started anything yet, so I can still switch to HASS if that is easier to implement.

Implementation in Openhab is quite easy once the Stadlberger API is running.
If you need more instructions I can help with some examples.

Currently I have implemented rollershutters, thermostats (read temperature only), normal lights and dimming lights.
I am working on full control for thermostats and it seems also possible to add the switches, e.g. to see if a switch has been pressed (maybe interesting for scenes).

I have implemented a Busch & Jaeger Free@Home binding for my personal usage.
I currently supports

  • Free at home bridge
  • Raffstores / Blinds (stepwise/complete)
  • Scene activation

No discovery is implemented, but you can add things via PaperUI if you extracted the DeviceIds from BJ AccessPoint.

I would be happy to share the code if someone supports me in extending it for discovery and additional things.
As I do not have other devices available, it will be difficult for me to test further devices.

Based on the great work of Stadlberger, it should not be a big deal to integrate further thing types to the binding.

@Kurtus, @Lucurus, @xlrx: Would you put some efforts to enhance such a binding?

Wow, that is good news.

I’m down to help but unfortunately, I don’t know much about programming, so I could probably be more helpful with testing.

I currently have:

  • Lights (dimmable and normal)
    • With the corresponding switches (single and double channels)
  • Floor heating
    • Again with the corresponding switches (and thermostats included in the switches)
  • Blinds
  • Touch 7 panel (which can be controlled via the Stadlberger API as well)
  • Motion detectors

Just tell me what you need and I’d be glad to test it or provide you with further information!

@Kurtus thanks so much for the offer to help. I actually got it more or less running, but it’s really dirty, so I’m now looking forward to the possibility of creating a more presentable solution!

I think it would definitely be interesting to see if a switch is pressed so you could trigger different scenes depending on, for example, time of day.

Sure, I am happy to help as far as I can.

I think it is not that dirty. With the http binding, the item definitions are quite easy. For a dimmer and a shutter:

Dimmer dimmer1 “Dimmer 1” {http="<[http://ip:port/info/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0002/odp0001:1000:JSONPATH($)] >[ON:GET:http://ip:port/set/dimmer/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0002/on] >[OFF:GET:http://ip:port/set/dimmer/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0002/off] >[*:GET:http://ip:port/set/dimmer/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0002/set/%2$s]"}

Rollershutter rollo1 “Rollo 1” {http=">[UP:GET:http://ip:port/set/shutter/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0000/up] >[DOWN:GET:http://ip:port/set/shutter/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0000/down] >[STOP:GET:http://ip:port/set/shutter/ABBxxxxxxxxx/ch0000/stop]"}

Yeah, the concept is perfectly fine, it’s just, that the contraption I copy pasted together is quite horrible.

I think the main advantages of a native openhab2 binding would be that you could easily control the devices via PaperUI and Discovery could be implemented.

It would be a solution without file configuration, but with the proper openhab ui.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to further extend the binding for a more convenient usage.

No doubt, a native binding has many advantages.

Although personally, I prefer configuration with text file, because I have more control over that.
Still, a proper integration with all feautures is easier to handle also in the case of file configuration.

@Kurtus If you are interested to further push such native free@home binding, I could upload my code to github.

@ruebox Could you please upload your code to github?
I would like to continue the development after installing the free@home system.


great if you push the further development of f@h for openhab. I am happy to support you.
I will clean up the code a little bit and then publish it via github.


are there any news for an openhab binding for free@home?

installed BJ Free@Home 2 years ago in our house. As I am not satisfied with the BJ software and Android app I am looking forward to use openhab. Recently bought a Raspberry Pi an installed openhab.
I can support testing bindings ect… I also have basic programming skills…and interested to help here as well… looking forward to test the binding from @ruebox.

Best regards

Hi there,

I am just about to prepare my code to publish it on github.

Hopefully I make it this weekend.

Best Rüdiger