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(Lucurus) #61

@ruebox Sounds great!

(Xlrx) #63

@ruebox Thank you so much for developing the binding. I have now switched from HASS to OpenHAB and tested alpha3 as well as the current branch state of the binding. Both work very well, awesome!
However, there is a 2/1-sensor/actuator, which is not recognised. I will take a look into it and give feedback via github.

Just be curious: how are bindings integrated into the main add-on branch? Do there have to be done certain testing? Let me know, if I can help.

(Ruebox) #64

@xlrx Great that the binding is well working for you … this is for what it is made for :slight_smile:

Regarding 2/1 sensor/actor: The easiest way it to enable “Debug logging” by removing and readding the bridge within openhab. Afterwards, you can generate a new issues on ruebox@github with appending the getall.xml and referring the serial number of the device. I will try to integrate it afterwards.

Regarding main-branch: At least to my experience, the integration of binding pull-requests takes some while due to time constraints, but also the requested high quality of the code (what I highly appreciate for openhab :wink:
In order to accelerate the availability within openhab, I plan to publish the binding via eclipse marketplace in the next month. Then, you could install the binding via PaperUI directly …

(Xlrx) #65

Just an idea: is it possible to simulate openHAB items as B/J-sensors, and post XMPP updates? For example, to integrate a Z-Wave window sensor into the SysAP?

Another question: did someone test a wireless thermostat?

(Ruebox) #66

FreeAtHome Binding v1.0.0-alpha @ Eclipse Marketplace

I am happy to announce that I have just published my latest version of the freeathome binding @ eclipse marketplace.

Please follow the installation instructions:

  • Activate Eclipse Marketplace in openhab with Majurity Level: Alpha
  • Install binding: Addons -> Bindings -> FreeAtHome -> Install
  • Add freeathome bridge
  • Start discovery

The binding is marked as alpha however, it is already tested by the various supporters and contributors. Thanks to you all.

Have fun and please report new issues via ruebox@github. Pull requests are also welcome.

(Jens Hoffmann) #67

Hi @ruebox,

frist of all thanks for your great work. Do you still working on this binding?

I’m very interested in integrate my free@home motion sensors and door/window sensors in openhab.


(Ruebox) #68


currently I do not further enhance the binding as all my stuff is properly working.
However, I am happy to support in case of questions. If it is simply added new Ids I think I could effort this.
Just checkout the code on github and send my the ids …


(Jens Hoffmann) #69


at the moment I missing following Ids.

2042 universal detector
1008 motion sensor with out actuator
2039 wireless 1/1 sensor/dimmer

I don’t know if they are simple to add. But it would be very great if you can add this Ids.

Many thanks in advance,

(Kenny Scholz) #71

Is it possible to add the following wireless item?
Dummy_2-fach_2039_ABB700CB51AC ?
This is a 2 times actor.


(Stian Kjoglum) #72


Not sure if this thread is still alive, but choose to try my luck.

Just recently moved into our newbuild house where we opted for the ABB (BJ) Free@Home. We have chosen a quite extensive setup (wired only) having several switch actuators (central), dimmer actuators (central), switch sensors/actuators, dimmer sensors/actuators, motion detectors, Weather station, Welcome M etc. Have also linked F@H with some Philips HUE lights and several Sonos speakers.

Very happy with the system, and also find the control system quite intuitive. However, find the system limited wrt event/actions (if/then) and communication with 3rd party equipment.

New to API / OpenHAB, but I am considering the option to create a more open environment. So I do have a couple of noob questions:

In order to get started, will the guide explained here be sufficient (Eclipse Market Addon) in order to communicate with F@H, or will the sstadlberger approach also be needed?

And will the API / bindings enable use of IFTTT (event/actions)?

(Lucurus) #73

Hi, the guide is enough, no third-party modules are needed.
The connection to IFTTT is not handled by the module but by OpenHab itself. The module simply publishes the devices to OpenHab. Please find more information here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/ecosystem/ifttt/

(Stian Kjoglum) #74

Appreciate your quick response, believe I will follow the OpenHab approach for my F@H setup to have parallel options for home control.

I need to expand my knowledge (do not have any experience with OpenHab / smart home programming in general). Is it required to have OpenHab running on a server connected to the network 24/7 (Raspberry or similar), or is it easy to use on an iMac for instance (intermittent on/off), and rely on cloudbase connection?

(Lucurus) #75

No worries.

Yes, the program should run on a server, because everything is handled locally, there is no “cloud” where the “intelligence” runs. OpenHab can certainly connect to the internet, but does everything locally.

(Stian Kjoglum) #76

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