Button type for garage door?

I was wondering if there is a better solution than mine for my garage door…

I setup a shelly one in parralel to the dry contact switch on the wall.

I tried all possibilities under “Button Type” but each tyoe I click on the shelly button, it switch and remain “ON” then “OFF”,
where I would like it to become ON for 1 second, the door is opening.
a second click would be ON again for 1 sec and the door is stopping
a third click and the door is closing…

I tried to set “activation switch” and auto timer OFF after 1 sec, but nothing is happening…

is it possible ? any idea ?


I have just made another test from my mac, connecting directly to the ip address of the shelly1.

I works (turns OFF) when I set momentary and timer off after 1 sec (even if it takes 3-4 seconds).

But on the iphone app, the button remains “ON”

any idea ?

How about using the expire binding with a very short time?
This will automatically reset the item to OFF after clicking on it.

thanks for the idea but where do you see that option ?

You set the expire time on item level. See for example here.
Documentation is here.
This is no longer a binding but a parameter.

Thanks but is it different to my second test using the “timer off” after 1 sec ? (see my second above)


If I get this right you are setting this in the Shelly, correct (I do not own one)?

I’m here doing something similar with my garage door, but using a knx actor channel with a timeout set to 1 sec. in the actor.

The button I use is a simple cell in the Main Ui that sends “ON” as the action when I click on it. The actual state of the linked item is of no relevance for me and nowhere shown as it is just a trigger.

As you did not give details on how you modeled your channel, item or button it is a bit hard to figure out what the reason is that your UI button stays on in openHAB.

So my idea was to let openHAB itself reset the item which should also set the switch to “OFF” independent from your Shelly.

Could you provide more details on your setup within OH?

Thanks but I don’t have OH.
My issue is full within shelly app.

So why are you asking in the openHAB forum? This is not the Shelly support community.
Bit confused …

sorry about that, I understood it was a sub page related to shelly, let’s close it then.

This need to be programed within the Shelly to turn off for you. Don’t rely on an external thing to do it.

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