Buttongrid in android app sitemap


i was so excited to see the buttongrid feature for the sitemap as i want to use it from my phone.

So i just updated and from my computer it looks just as expected. But on my phone i only see the header but none of the buttons.

Does anyone know if its supported already? (maybe i have to change a setting…)
If not, will it be supported in future?

Maybe I should move to main UI but since now i liked the simplicity of the sitemap for my movile phone.

Not yet implemented in the Android app but you can expect a support relatively soon because this new feature was initially requested by one of the main Android app developers. So I assume he will implement it

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Sounds great, thanks :slight_smile:

This is even already in progress:


Then I will prepare everything already to be ready when the update is available :smiley:

For your information, it is now implemented (merged) in the Android app.
You will probably have to wait for the next release of the app or the next beta version if you can’t wait.


Awesome, thanks for the information!

So its finally working but i have some trouble with the icons in the buttongrid.

Only f7 icons without “_” are displaying, I tried several options.

What am I missing?

Example in sitemap:

Buttongrid label="Remote Control" staticIcon=screen item=GoogleTV_KEYPRESS buttons=[1:1:MENU="Menu" , 1:3:EXIT="Exit" , 1:2:UP="Up"=f7:arrowtriangle_up , 2:1:LEFT="Left"="f7:arrowtriangle_left_circle" , 2:3:RIGHT="Right"=f7:arrowtriangle_right , 2:2:OK="Ok", 3:1:RETURN="RETURN"=f7:return, 3:2:DOWN="Down"=f7:bag

This is what i get:

again its working on the browser so i guess its another bug. Just would love some simple arrow icons

Can you try f7:arrowtriangle-up? I’m not sure yet what’s the expected behavior here. Where did you see the underscore in the icon name?

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I thought underscores were a workaround to differentiate against the icon state in classic icons. The actual icon names use hyphens

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Awesome, thanks. Its working with “-” :grinning:

I found the underscore in the official f7 documentation as well in the openhab documentation: Sitemaps | openHAB

Thanks for bringing this up. I think it should be underscore, but the android app uses iconify to display f7 icons, and in the iconify world, the underscores were changed to dashes.

I’ve submitted a fix for this Translate f7 underscores into iconify style dashes by jimtng · Pull Request #3603 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

Until that PR is merged and your app is updated, you should change your icon:
from: f7:arrowtriangle-right to: iconify:f7:arrowtriangle-right

This will ensure that your buttongrid icons will also show up correctly on the web browser.

Once the PR is merged, you could go back to using the correct f7:arrowtriangle_right (with underscore) or leave it as iconify:f7:arrowtriangle-right

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The PR has been mergd. Keep an eye out for the next app version!
Or use the beta version Release 3.10.2-beta · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

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Alright. Great thanks for the support!