Buy a ZWave device to include nodes


I am having a Razberry as a static controller, but this one is at a fixed place. Now i have to include a Everspring sp103 motion detector and this device has no network wide inclusion so i have to include it at its place. And therefor i need a movable device.

Do anyone know a device to include new devices at its place?


Hello sihui,

thanks for your answer, but i know about this device and i thought it is a static controller and replaces my razberry. I want a device which includes new nodes in my current network. Or is it also possible with the Aeon Stick?


Yes, it would replace your current controller.
I have never heard about a device where you could include nodes in another controller …

Maybe someone else has an answer …

Good luck.

You can normally use most remote controls to include devices into the network. It just needs to be included into the network as an inclusion controller, but currently OH doesn’t support this.

You can do it the other way around and use a portable controller as the primary and the z-stick as the secondary - this also works fine…

Personally though, I’d agree with @sihui - the aeon zstick is a good choice.

Hi Chris,

that is one Solution i was thinking about, but i think in this constellation, most devices sends its information to the first controller and oh gets not all messages. Is this possible or am i wrong?

Background of my question is, that i have many lost packages and other problems with a Vision ZWave+ Stick on my Banana Pi and now with the Razberry, there are no problems. Do you think the new Aeon Stick Gen5 also have no problems?


This shouldn’t be an issue. The devices will send their status information to the controller to which you have configured an association. So, you will always set the association, or wakeup notification to be the OH controller. In fact OH will do this for you in most cases.

I’m not 100% sure, but certainly for me it is working very well. I know the older version of this stick did have problems, but I don’t think I’ve seen any reports of problems with the Gen5 (but it is reasonably new).