Buying compatible hardware

Now that I have experimented with openHAB I am ready to start building out my system. I already have gotten some hardware but have had enough issues with them that I want to only buy things that have already been proven to work 100% with openHAB. So far I have only used z-wave devices with somewhat mixed results. For instance I bought a Vision ZL7432 in wall dual relay module. It works but with I think a rather large issue. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it and am still using it but I still have an annoying problem. Then I bought some Ecolink PIR motion detectors, a pair from Amazon, and one didn’t work, so they are in a box to be returned. Anyway despite these set-backs I’m still pushing forward but with caution on what I buy next. I just ordered a Leviton VRI06 dimmer switch (seems very expensive but had great reviews and I see it in the habmin list of bindings) and tried to reorder the Ecolink PIR’s but they were no longer available (maybe just out of stock but the message Amazon gave me was unclear).

First question: Is Habmin the most up to date place to find manufactures and products that have been used successfully with openHAB? Meaning the list I see when I go into Bindings, select the zwave binding and then look at the Product Explorer tab? Searching through this forum is somewhat hit and miss and most of what I find are threads about issues with a given device.

This list is the definitive list of devices that have database support within openHAB. This doesn’t mean that other devices won’t work, or even that devices listed in HABmin will work, but there’s a very high chance that they will be fine. Basically, if they are in the database, then someone took the time to enter the data to make the device work, and it was probably tested.

It’s a pity that such a list of compatible hardware does not exist for openHAB yet. Therefore I started a thread with a discussion about setting up a wiki for describing supported hardware devices and categorize them by type and manufacturer: Wiki listing all compatible hardware

Maybe you want to participate.