Cabinet LEDs

I’m looking for suggestions on under cabinet LED strips.

Basic requirements:

  • RGB and tunable white
  • Cuttable into segments (8" or so the smallest, about 36" the widest)
  • Bridge splices between segments of various lengths
  • Splices should be done with quick connects of some sort. I can solder but would prefer not to.
  • Z-wave or Philips Hue control

Currently I have some simple cool white LEDs. Not tunable, not dimmable, just on or off using a z-wave outlet. I’d really like to have color and dimming options to the cabinets. There’s five cabinets that need strips of various lenghts, 10, 21, 22, 26 and 34 inches. I can wrap a bit around corners to allow for lengths that might need to go longer due to cut locations. The bridges between strips are of various lengths also. One needs to be about 8 feet to go back to the wall, up inside a cabinet and then over and down to get over the microwave/stove hood.

Not sure these requirements can be met in a single product but figured if it does somebody around these forums would know.

Added: I have looked at the Philips Hue products but so far most all the reviews I’ve seen say the cutting and splicing doesn’t work very well.

The hookup YouTube channel has some really good content on led strips. I’ll mention the one that describes led strip types and one that talks about led diffusers. I’d suggest browsing that channel as you’ll probably find all the answers you need regarding which led strip is right for you and the best ways to install it.

I personally would probably just purchase the selected led strips from a site like Aliexpress. They may take a little longer to get, but they’re significantly cheaper and I’ve never had quality problems.

For control, another option to consider would be something like wled on an esp32 or similar device. You can control it via mqtt or http calls over wifi, and it is extremely configurable with many preset animations and color schemes. If it must be zwave or hue, I don’t have suggestions. I’m sure there are probably zwave devices that fit the bill, but I’m not familiar with them personally.

Edit: I actually have the zooz zen31. I personally was disappointed because I was thinking it was a programmable led controller where you can control each individual led separately, but it’s just one that controls rgbw strips where the whole strip is the same color at one time. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s actually a decent product at a decent price.

I agree that WLED is the best way forward for LED strips. Just wanted to note that in openHAB v4 you now get auto detection and the WLED binding is auto suggested to be installed when a device is on your network. You can get very good control over the strip and it should be flawless integration. Even if you do not want flashing effects WLED is what I would choose as it works very well, is low cost, easy to find replacement parts long into the future and is opensource.

This youtube channel has a ton of info and premade WLED boards: