Calculation of sitemap space requirements on Mapping-Switches fails since OH 4.1.0

After I upgraded to OH 4.1.0 today I noticed that the Sitemaps now show an up to 3 column layout on the web browsers. This is very helpful since more information can be displayed on one screen if there is available space.

I noticed, however, that the space for Mapping Switches is not enough. The switch display is overlapping with the next displayed item which confuses the users:

If I make the browser window smaller I can force the display to a 2 column one and if I have the window a specific size the display is nearly ok:

But I cannot do this on the installed tablets which have a fixed full screen window.
Anything I can tweak to improve the display ?

This can be adjusted under Settings.

Yes, there is a setting to control how many columns to use. So you can restore old behaviour.

That being said I am also not satisfied with buttons overlapping on next elements when there is not enough place. For the future, I have the idea to switch to a buttongrid rendering for example when you have more than two of three buttons, buttons will then be rendered on additional lines.

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Thanks, I reverted to the old behaviour this way. Will try the button grid next. Does it work w/ iPhone app ?

It has been implemented in the Android app but not yet in the iOS app I believe.

For your information, I implemented a fix for buttons overlapping:

PR is now merged, so the fix is available in 4.2 snapshots.

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