calDav binding in the logs?

Hi folks,

I am pretty new to openhab and just setting up my first installation. I stumbled across the caldav binding and can not get it to run. In the logs I see following entry as the last message from caldav:

2018-07-06 10:28:41.342 [INFO ] [.io.caldav.internal.CalDavLoaderImpl] - CalDAV IO is properly configured.

Now I am wondering if there should be also log entries for every connection / refresh of the data from the server which hosts the caldav files. There is nothing to see in the logs at all which shows an activity of the binding.

Besides having issues with the configuration this is mainly for myself trying to understand and troubleshoot the process of this binding.

Hope you can help me with that.
Greetings Rob

Can you post your caldavio.cfg, caldav, command.cfg? Thanks

Yes, you should see something in your openhab.log for every ON/OFF command:

2018-07-05 08:25:00.008 [INFO ] [] - event BEGIN for: c034e2b5-08ac-49b9-88a6-76a97747257d(TestSwitch ON/OFF@05.07.2018/08:25-05.07.2018/13:00)
2018-07-05 08:25:00.013 [INFO ] [aldav_command.internal.CalDavBinding] - sending command 'ON' to item 'TestSwitch' from event 'c034e2b5-08ac-49b9-88a6-76a97747257d(TestSwitch ON/OFF@05.07.2018/08:25-05.07.2018/13:00)'
2018-07-05 13:00:00.171 [INFO ] [] - event END for: c034e2b5-08ac-49b9-88a6-76a97747257d(TestSwitch ON/OFF@05.07.2018/08:25-05.07.2018/13:00)
2018-07-05 13:00:00.180 [INFO ] [aldav_command.internal.CalDavBinding] - sending command 'OFF' to item 'TestSwitch' from event 'c034e2b5-08ac-49b9-88a6-76a97747257d(TestSwitch ON/OFF@05.07.2018/08:25-05.07.2018/13:00)'

Hey vzorglub,

As I am really new to this, what do you mean with caldav? My understanding is, that I don’t need the command.cfg for my setup.



Please post (from your conf/services folder) your caldavio.cfg and either your caldavCommand.cfg or caldavPersonal.cfg.


That is not your caldavPersonal.cfg, that is your caldavPersonal.config.

Oops… Yeah your right. But in the other file is no entry. Only comments. Nothing active.
I had an entry active but deleted it.


That may be your problem :grinning:

Check the docs:

I don’t use the Personal calenders, only the Command calenders, so am not of any help here.
But everything in the caldavio.cfg needs to start with caldavio:, not with business:

I already changed the entries with leading caldavio in the cfg file after posting here.

There is no mentioning of the caldavPersonal.cfg in the docs. it is always referring to the openhab.cfg. That is my caldavio.cfg

Check the notes:

Also note an error: caldavCommandPersonal.cfg should be caldavPersonal.cfg

I am not quite sure why, but there were couple of ics-files from a different calendar inside the resource folder. I deleted them and after some time my correct items showed up. Not quite sure what was wrong. Maybe it had something to do with the caldavPersonal.cfg. But I had the entry in there until this morning and deleted it. Nevertheless, thanks for your replies!

But going back to my original question: The only entry I see in the logs is, that my next / current event has changed. No log entry for a connection to the server.