Caldav binding unreliable on ARM Debian

Hi, I am trying out the caldav binding, which I downloaded here:
As far as I can say so far, the command works for a couple of times (one day, which is the set preload time) and then stops working. I am persisting the value which should be modified by the command binding into an influxDB.
This is my openhab.cfg :


A bit strange I find as well the data point at 12/5 08:00, because the calendar puts the value to 21.5 at that time. On 12/6 08:00, it should read 21.5 again, but doesn’t do anything.

I am using OpenHAB 1.6.1 – not sure if that’s causing problems? Other bindings are GPIO, 1wire, html, ntp. Java is Oracle 7.

Any help is appreciated very much, because I would really like to change from cron rules to calendar (which can be used by anyone in the household and not only the “programmer” :slight_smile: ).

I think there have been a lot of changes since 1.6.1. Personally, I would upgrade to 1.7.1 and then get the binding from the official source for that version. The link you provide appears to be the port of the caldav binding for OH2 which is completely different and I’m surprised it works at all and not at all surprised it has problems.

If you are on Linux, I highly recommend using the apt-get method described on the wiki to install openHAB and the bindings. Otherwise you can download the bindings in a zip file from here.

If you don’t want to upgrade, at least get the OH 1.x version of the binding from the link above instead of the OH2 version.

I got the advice to use the binding from the forum:

There is no official caldav binding anyhow, the binding being part of the OH2-package is named “1.8.0”.

I thought I remembered installing caldav using apt-get. Apparently not.