CALDAV Docu gone?


I have a current issue with the caldav binding I’m using since years (I’m on OH2) and before bothering you all with questions I wanted to check the documentation. But I do not find it anymore on Even the webpages search shows articles but all go to 404.

Where do I find this document?


Hm there should be some redirects taking place, which should lead you to the right place.
I will check if we maybe have a problem with our search index.

Could you tell me some more informaotin which links you hjave used and which searches you have done to identify the problem a bit better? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Working docs for now:

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I have found and fixed the issue for the bindings.

Fix caldav redirects by Confectrician · Pull Request #263 · openhab/website (

For persistence i will have to do some more research. Seems we are missing some more redirects for that.

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The search links are also broken when you search in the

BTY: I have not seen any info that there is actually this I recommend to have this somewhere easy to access on the OH community page.

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Yes we still have to improve some things over there due to the major release to support two major release homepages in parallel.

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Can imagine.

While we are on the topic: as a OH2 user with patient issues, I found it very tricky to verify if a switch to OH3 is possible for me or if there are too many .0 issues which would make it a nightmare.

Somehow I would have loved to have a OH2 --> OH3 migration table where all bindings/add-ons are listed showing an “easyness to move” indicator and links to articles with known issues/workaround.

I know a nightmare to maintain …