CalDav events not updating


i setup the caldav binding successful together with nextcloud and everything is working as it should except one thing.
if i’m updating an event in nextcloud to add additional items to be executed the same is never getting updated in caldav/openhab. only if i remove the the event in the calendar and re-add it with the all the new items its working.

running openhab2 snapshot build #930

calendar entry before update


calendar entry after update




Yeah, sorry to tell you mate: OH2 + caldav: not working the way to be expected.
Yet there seems no one who did it. It seems the binding ain’t maintained, at least not for OH2. I gave it up. Its really unfortunate, but it seems no one has a clue what to do.

that’s really unfortunate, since that actually seams to be the only half working option i found to get a scheduler up and running. at least till we have a build in scheduler for OH2

may i ask if you using schedules in any other way?

I used caldav for the use of trash calender-items and I plugged the binding to owncloud.
Someone else here did manage a python-based script, which doenst fit my needs since ist made for Google and OAuth-Authentication.

What exactly do you want to realize?
I assume you want your shutters opened and closed at certain points of time?
If that’s the case, cron-based rules are the best way.

PS: coincidence Im reading on this right now…but maybe this is interesting for you too.

I wrote that binding - so I think it’s neat (although I suspect i’m biased). I can provide an alpha jar for people to try if they’d like.

You’d still need to create a rule but it would be based on the Timer_Status changing between OFF and ON.

If you want to open blinds at the same time everyday it would be good.

For everyone having the same problem. I tried tracing the problem for hours and found a solution. The items are not coming from caldavIO but form caldavPersonal. You need to add the calendar ID to the caldavPersonal.cfg like that


I haven’t seen this anywhere.


It’s actually in the “readme” at

Of course, that documentation appears to be woefully out of date as it references “openhab.cfg” which doesn’t seem to exist in OpenHAB2 (or seems to be split across multiple configuration files in various directories).

openhab.cfg is correct for anyone running on the OH1 platform.
This is a result of having no separation in the documentation between OH1 and OH2.

Thank you very much, I also had this problem, this solves it!

WHY is this the case? To me it makes no sense to only have one common documentation.

For what it’s worth, I also got the caldav binding to work after hours of reading and trial of error. I installed it in OH2 from PaperUI. * When configuring, I initially had a typo, and the new configuration would not load before deleting the following files manually to trigger a reload:

  • rm userdata/config/org/openhab/caldav*
  • for each calendar, say caldavio:test also: rm userdata/config/org/openhab/test

Remember to use the full qualifier from OH1 in configuration files caldavPersonal.cfg and caldavio.cfg (see:

Restart openHab after that.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for that!