CalDav not working with all-day events?

Hi, I have updated my waste calendar (google) early this year with new dates but was unable to retrieve even a single calendar event. Finally I found some time playing with this issues. After some other trials I’ve changed an event from beeing all-day to just 10:00-11:00. Now the event could be fetched. Does anyone see this behavior too? Or did I miss something configuring the binding or the calendar?
Openhab is 2.4 and CalDav 1.14.0

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Yes, I had that problem too.
I solved by changing the settings to:

# Reload interval unit is minutes. 
# Defines how often the calendar should be reloaded from server.
# Default is 60 minutes

# This defines which events are relevant for execution. Unit is in minutes.
# Default is 1 Day (1440 minutes)
# 2 days minus 1 minute to allow for Whole Day events loading
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I am struggling with the same behavior.
Means: all day events are missing.
Unfortunately the mentioned workaround setting the preload time does not work for me.
Any other hints available on this?