CALDAV personal - invalid format for line?

Dear all,

I do have a successful running caldav google calendar setup to manage my waste. I got an ical yearly import from my community department which I have loaded into my google calendar.

Basically I am only interested to display the subject line in Habpanel. However when I look into my openhab logs I do see this :

2020-04-26 11:00:40.089 [ERROR] [    ] - invalid format for line: Papier nicht vergessen!
2020-04-26 11:00:40.113 [ERROR] [    ] - invalid format for line: Gelbe Säcke nicht vergessen!
2020-04-26 11:00:40.116 [ERROR] [    ] - invalid format for line: Bio nicht vergessen!
2020-04-26 11:00:40.180 [ERROR] [    ] - invalid format for line: Hausmüll nicht vergessen!

Any idea what to change. Is it around the German “umlaut” äüö ? or is it the exclamation mark at the end of the body text “!” …

I can’t see anything special when going to google and edit such an event…

Any idea where to look and how to fix?


You didn’t specify which CalDAV you’re using, but it looks like it’s CalDAV Command.

Descriptions in CalDAV command must match the required syntax:


Its CalDAV command , yes . But I am not writing , just reading the START and the NAME into items for the “next” upcoming event e.g. eventNr:1

Here my config , I am running OH2.5:

binding = knx,sonos,fritzboxtr0641,exec,mail,http1,caldav-personal1,caldav-command1,ntp



String 		CalDavMuelltonne   	"Tonne [%s]"  	<calendar>	{ caldavPersonal="calendar:muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:NAME" }
DateTime    CalDavDate			"Datum der Abholung [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"  <calendar>  { caldavPersonal="calendar:muellkalender type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:START" }

Then I get this log file issue “invalid format for line”…

Any idea what could cause this ? Perhaps they have filled the ical file with strange hidden chars I don’t see?

This is not CalDAV Command, but CalDAV Personal. If you’re using both Personal and Command, you need a config for each.

What’s in caldavpersonal.cfg ?

only :

So if you’re not actually using the command functionality, the easiest fix is to just uninstall it.

Hi Namraccr,

don’t understand why you recommending to uninstall. the calendar functionality is actually working.

I am just struggling to understand why I do get this EventUtils line errors in the log files and how to potentially diagnose/fix it.

Meanwhile I have exported my calendar entries and this below is an iCal extract of one event causing an error. it looks pretty ok to me. So question is why this is generating an “invalid format for line: Gelbe Säcke nicht vergessen!” error…

DESCRIPTION:Gelbe Säcke nicht vergessen!
LOCATION:Stadt (Bad Krozingen)
SUMMARY:Gelbe Säcke

Any recommendations anyone ?

Asked and answered.
This is illegal in CalDAV Command.

actually sorry , my fault! CalDAV command I am using somewhere else.

As for this " invlaid line error : This error is produced using the “CalDAV Personal” plugin… when reading the next upcomming event.

Any idea on CalDAV personal ?

If you’re using both Command and Personal, I think you’ll have to use a different calendar for each.

I do .

The Muellkalendar is just only by CalDav personal to get the next waste event into an item.

For CalDav command I do use another google calendar called KNXManual where I add events using the the specification you mentioned .

The errors are produced by caldav personal with the Muellkalendar.

perhaps this below helps to digagnose more. Does somebody know what Sardine-5.6.jar file is doing. I am unfortunatelly not a java expert/developper…

Any help apprechiated.

2020-04-30 07:00:12.965 [WARN ] [caldav.internal.job.EventReloaderJob] - Sardine exception reading ics file: 6583b4e116d390bd91305926d79faa5f
com.github.sardine.impl.SardineException: Unexpected response
	at com.github.sardine.impl.handler.ValidatingResponseHandler.validateResponse( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at com.github.sardine.impl.handler.VoidResponseHandler.handleResponse( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at com.github.sardine.impl.SardineImpl.get( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at com.github.sardine.impl.SardineImpl.get( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at com.github.sardine.impl.SardineImpl.get( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at com.github.sardine.impl.SardineImpl.get( ~[sardine-5.6.jar:5.6]
	at [bundleFile:?]
	at [bundleFile:?]
	at [bundleFile:?]
	at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ [bundleFile:?]
2020-04-30 07:02:55.415 [INFO ] [] - event BEGIN for: b43449c884bb581d1d28c8e041f0640d(Gelbe Säcke@30.04.2020/00:00-01.05.2020/00:00)
2020-04-30 07:02:55.416 [ERROR] [    ] - invalid format for line: Gelbe Säcke nicht vergessen!