CalDAV. Support for To-Do lists? (iOS iCloud Reminders)

I’d like to use iOS Reminders iCloud calendar upcoming events. I’ve configured it and I get the .ics files in /var/lib/openhab2/etc/caldav/nameofthecalendar, but no events are added to caldavPersonal items.
When setting log level to TRACE, I get this error:

2018-11-09 20:41:50.728 [DEBUG] [caldav.internal.job.EventReloaderJob] - could not find a VEVENT from calendar build based on file A42E3582-E9F3-44AA-82AE-A8FE0358DECD

So I compared the .ics files from the Reminders calendar with the ones from another calendar and I found that while events in the other calendar begin with “BEGIN:VEVENT”, events in the Reminders calendar begin with “BEGIN:VTODO”.
Is there a way to solve this? Or, how can I request this feature?